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        Budget Garages home
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        Custom Garages
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        Budget Garages can also design and/or build a custom garage for you. Click on any image to enlarge.

        Added Garage Features

        Retaining wall with steps

        Two Care Custom Built Garage

        24' x 24'

        Custom Built Apartment Garages - Four Car

        4-car apartment 20' x 40'

        Custom Built Single Car Detached Garage

        Single-car 14' x 20'

        Custom Dormer Style Garage with Loft

        Dormer style

        Window Style Custom Built 2 Car Garage

        Window style

        90 Degree Four Car Garage

        90º four car

        2 Car Garge with Loft

        Dormer style

        Clip Hip Roof on Custom Built Garage

        Clip hip

        Clip Hip Roof on Custom Built Garage

        Hip roof

        Brick and Wainscoat Vynal Garage

        Brick wainscoat

        Large Barn Style Garage

        Barn style

        Stucco Board Garage

        Stucco board

        Log style

        Clip Hip Roof on Custom Built Garage

        Hip roof


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